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Voice Inbound

Install IWRelay VRS on your iPhone
Make mobile VRS calls
on your iPhone 4!

Visit the Apple iPhone App Store and search for IWRelay. Install our free app to enjoy mobile VRS.

Don't have an iPhone 4 with FaceTime?
Thats okay! You can install the IWRelay VRS app on any iPhone or iPod Touch. You can can use it as a remote to send VRS calls to your videophone.

Install "IWRelay VRS" on
iPhone or iPod Touch
Dial 866-258-1163 on your Videophone
Call now with your VP
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What's your VP number?

Use IWRelay with any Videophone!
Instructions: VP | P3
IWRelay can be accessed by dialing point-to-point 866-258-1163 from any Videophone or other compatable device. This allows you to enjoy our quality, friendly interpreters using the devices that you are already comfortable with. We'll see you on a call soon!
Add IWRelay on iChat (aim) -> IM the #
Call now with iChat (aim)
AOL AIM Screen Name

Phone Number To Call

Use IWRelay anywhere on your Mac!
iChat Instructions
IWRelay allows you to make a VRS call using the iChat software you already have on your computer. VRS is now more convenient and mobile! Now you can make calls no matter where you are as long as you have your computer and an Internet connection!
   IWRelay is a sub brand of Healinc Telecom, LLC.